Oficinas Generales Antigua Central de Autobuses, Sala B, Mezanine, Oficina 7, Dr. R. Michel s/n between 5 de Febrero and Los Ángeles, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Tel, 3619-3312, Autotransportes Guadalajara-Chapala S.A. de C.V., R.F.C. AGC721220-ST3.

This company will not held responsability over delays in the service schedules, arising from fortuitous events and/or force majeure. It is a must to present an official and valid ID when buying tickets at the box office and also while boarding in order to apply for the following discounts:

  • Students
  • Teachers

Traveller's insurance:
Every ticket comes with traveller's insurance, in order to make it valid, please keep your ticket. The compensation for equipment loss or damage will take effect according to the article number 62 of the Ley de Caminos y Puentes y Autotransporte Federal and its regulations.

Luggage documentation and excess policies:
Every passenger has the right to transport a maximum of two pieces of luggage in the inferior compartment for every ticket acquired.

Luggage claiming policies:
In the event of lost luggage, the passenger has a period of 72 hours after the trip is concluded in order to make his or her luggage claim.
The process takes approximately 72 hours. In case that the luggage is not found, the passenger receives an indemnization based on the Ley de comunicaciones y Transportes.

Box office or modules acquired tickets
It is possible to cancel a ticket only if it is presented without any damage and with and anticipation that exceeds 60 minutes before the scheduled marked in the ticket.

  • Expired tickets do not qualifiy for refunds.
  • Transferred tickets can not be canceled.
  • Invoiced tickets can not be canceled.
  • In order to cancel a ticket, it must be handed over to the respective personnel.
  • Ticket must present no obliterations
  • Ticket must be Complete
  • Ticket must be readable

Cancelation Conditions:

  • In the case of a refund for a ticket bought with a credit or debit card. The passenger must present the respective card which used to make the purchase at the time of the cancellation.
  • Invoiced tickets can not be canceled.